Elementary School Spanish Classes  The DCS Spanish program seeks to expose children to a second language as naturally as possible through listening, speaking, singing, reciting phrases and Bible verses, playing   games and a variety of creative and fun activities.  Each classroom has a total of 45 minutes per week for Spanish learning emphasis.  Each year we pick one Spanish speaking country to learn about so the students realize that there are over 20 countries  whose official language is Spanish.  We do approximately 4 lessons per year dealing with  the theme country.  We also learn the Bible theme verse and/or song in Spanish.  Many  of our activities are taught in conjunction with the classroom curriculum such as  calendar words, Bible verse, songs, science units, social studies units and even art class!


Briefly it is the “5 C’s”:

  • Communication:  learning language for real life situations
  • Cultures:  understanding other people’s points of view, ways of life and contributions to the world
  • Connections: creating links to other subject areas
  • Comparisons:  understanding one’s native culture by comparing and contrasting it to another culture
  • Communities:  emphasizing that we live in a global society

Meet Mrs. McElheny

Education Background

  •  Graduated in 2013 from Calvin College with a degree in K-12 Education and Spanish
  • Studied abroad in Denia, Spain during the Spring of 2011

jilldevriesphotography-231Teaching Experience

  • Student aided while at Calvin College at Ada Christian Elementary during the fall of 2011
  • Student taught at Northview Public High School during the spring of 2013

Personal Life

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids and love spending time with my parents and two sisters who still live in the area.

I was married this summer to my husband, Daniel. He is a cross country coach and also has a degree in secondary education and history.

In my free time I enjoy distance running and I coach cross country for Wellspring Preparatory High School in Grand Rapids. I also love photographing weddings.

Fun Fact 

I can ride a unicycle!