Our students have many opportunities to be challenged, grow, and learn through daily devotions, Bible classes, and weekly chapels what it means to live a life of virtue while sharing Christ’s love with everyone. At Dutton Christian School, we do not believe that spiritual formation happens just during Bible and chapel times, but rather is integrated throughout our entire curriculum.


Our theme this year is Living Stones based on I Peter 2:4-5 which states:

As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

At the entrance of both our elementary and middle school buildings, there are large pieces of stone that have been intentionally placed in an upright position. These are called standing stones, and they are symbolic of the standing stones described in the Old Testament. In Israel, standing stones were set to mark the location where a “significant act of God” took place.  They are a testimony to God’s mighty works of faith and intervention in people’s lives.  Places where miracles may have happened; and some even say, the stone altars built to God are standing stones. Deuteronomy 27 is the story of the stones that are still standing in Gerazim.  After crossing the Jordan River, the Israelites were instructed by Moses to set these stones as a reminder and covenant promise.

In our western culture, we like to use words to label everything. We put names on buildings and even inscribe plaques to mark significance.   In eastern culture, standing stones do not have labels on them because the intent is for a person to notice the stones and ask another person what mighty act of God happened at this place. It is an opportunity to share testimony with one another.   The standing stones in front of our buildings are a reminder for us to tell others of the faithfulness of God to Dutton Christian School and to recount from generation to generation the God stories that have happened at this place.

Standing stones represent a significant God event, but Jesus is described as the Living Stone. And we, like Jesus, are also Living Stones. We are spiritual houses because the Holy Spirit lives in us. We are priests because we have direct access to God and function to represent God to others and bring others to Him. Our spiritual sacrifices are the offering of our lives to God.

This is deep stuff! We look forward to learning more together as a school community what it means to be a Living Stone. We want people to be able to look at our lives and recognize the significant work of God happening in each of us.